Bridging engineers.

Are we still friends
when we meet again?

Will we still be friends,
when we so often
neglect the value of friendship and
take for granted
the ties that we have so painstakingly crafted?

Do we not remember
how we had assumed the roles of architects,
to build bridges and
connect ourselves with others?

Yet we, sometimes, choose
to become the
destroyers of our own bridges.

Do we not detest
How did we allow the
gradual depreciation of these relations?

Why do we cut the very ropes
that have made us
a part of something
greater than ourselves?

Why have we not tended to older bridges,
ropes from the past, and
left them out to be decomposed
by the agents of time and space?

Are they worth any less than
the ropes we hold in our hands now?
Have we forgotten about those
on the other end of the bridge?

Do we ever remember those bridges?

- by zilchedgrey

[ inspired by a phrase used frequently by a friend ]

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