The case of Acceptance.

as defined by the modern society,
is the act of accepting
or the state of being accepted or acceptable.

Reality, however, dictates that acceptance had to be
both certain and impermanent at the same time.

You could accept someone
in his entirety of merits and flaws,
but you wouldn’t be so sure as to
whether all would remain unchanged.

An abrupt intrusion, or release, of
'a defining secret'
could turn the steering wheel both ways.
Would your verbal and unconditional acceptance prevail?

You couldn’t pretend that nothing had happened,
just like how you couldn’t put toothpaste back into its tube.
The truth was out,
and the slate had to be renewed.

What were the terms of acceptance now?

Would acceptance be turned into
fear, disgust, hatred, and eventually
the lack of personal acceptance?
Have we accepted ourselves for who we are?


- by zilchedgrey

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